Becoming an Egg Donor

Thank you for considering the gift of becoming an egg donor in our program. For some, egg donation is the last hope for a baby. Many intended parents considering egg donation have tried everything else to conceive – exhaustive testing, countless appointments with fertility specialists, strained relationships. It is only this genuine act of irreplaceable kindness that offers them a breath of hope. Others may have children from a previous relationship and are over the age where her eggs can be used to create a healthy pregnancy yet wants to share the joys of parenting with her current partner. Some intended parents are in a same sex gay relationship and the only way they can have a biological child is through egg donation and surrogacy. Some are single women who never gave up on their dreams of having a child even if they did not “meet the right guy” in time to have their own biological child. Some never had a chance because they may have gone through premature ovarian failure – early menopause in their teens, twenties or thirties or may have been born without ovaries and/or a uterus.

Our Fairy Godmother is looking for special women who are interested in becoming egg donors. If you are a healthy and attractive woman between the ages of 21 and 30, and wish to become an egg donor, please fill out this online application.

If you are age 30 and under the age of 32 you must recently have been pregnant or a proven egg donor. If you are over the age of 32 and have children, please click here to read about our Surrogacy Program!

Our intended parents are extremely diverse, and are looking for potential egg donors who in some way reflect themselves: down to earth, healthy, successful, progressive, creative, goal-oriented, sophisticated and well educated. Egg donation is not for everyone. But for those responsible, loving, healthy, and mature women who wish to be considered as possible donors. Egg donors must be willing to complete medical and psychological testing, take a series of injectable medications, and undergo an ultrasound guided transvaginal egg retrieval. The typical timeline from selection by an intended parent to completion of your egg donation is 6 – 9 weeks. You will be asked to fill out an extensive medical and personal profile and to send photos of yourself and your children if you have any.

Becoming an egg donor is not something to enter into lightly. It requires a high level of maturity and responsibility, and involves taking a regimen of fertility medications and undergoing an invasive medical procedure to remove the eggs. As with any medical procedure, there are potential risks – it is the sole responsibility of the donor to investigate all risks and discuss all medical issues with your physician.

All candidates are treated with the utmost care, respect, and confidentiality.